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нужно 5 предложений с паст пёрфект, и

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нужно 5 предложений с паст пёрфект, и перфект континьён.

нужно 5 предложений с паст пёрфект, и: один комментарий
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    1. Julia said thar they had seen that film.

    2. She didn’t know why he had done it.

    3. When I saw the bike I understood why he had bought it.

    4. Dan didn’t want to watch the film, beccause he had seen it before.

    5. I remembered that I had locked the door.



    1. We had been playing tennis for an hour when it started to rain.

    2. I had been waiting for for half an hour before the bus came.

    3. It had been raining, so the ground was wet.

    4. She was very tired because she had been working very hard.

    5. John gave up smoking last month. He had been smoking for 10 years.


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