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Твір на тему «мої Сімейні обовязки»

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твір на тему «мої Сімейні обовязки»

  • I don’t
    like to be engaged in house affairs, but it’s necessary. Our apartment is
    large, and our mother can’t do everything alone. We distributed the
    responsibilities in the home, and it certainly becomes easier. My sister and I
    are responsible for cleaning of the rooms, we sweep the floor, water our
    mother’s flowers in the pots. It seems they are everywhere: in the kitchen, in
    the rooms, in the bedroom, in the boxes on the floor. My brother takes out the
    rubbish and keeps order on the balcony. The carpets are daddy’s responsibility.
    But we enter the kitchen, only to have breakfast-lunch-dinner. This is our
    mother’s territory. We believe that by doing things together, we are real
    power. A family.

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