Решение домашних заданий

The day to be cold and it to rain. When I to reach home, my raincoat to be all wet. I to take it off, to shake the water off it, to hang it up and

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1. The day (to be) cold and it (to rain). When I (to reach) home, my raincoat (to be) all wet. I (to take) it off, (to shake) the water off it, (to hang) it up and (to go) into the living-room. My children (to play) on the carpet. When they (to see) me, they (to jump) up and (to run) up to me. 2. I (to hear) this song several times already, but I cannot remember the words. I (to write) them down as soon as I (to hear) this song again. 3. Hardly 1 he (to open) the suit-case, when he (to find) the tie which he (to think) he (to lose) long before. 4. Shut the door! The room (to be) full of smells which (to come) from the kitchen. Mother (not to like) kitchen smells in the room. 5. Last night he (to finish) the book which he (to begin) writing a year ago. 6. He said he (to listen) to the same stories for a long time. 7. By the evening he (to translate) ten pages. 8. You ever (to be) to the new stadium? — Yes, I (to be) there last Saturday. 9. The old lady was happy: she (not to see) her son for three years. 10. What you (to do) yesterday? 11. How many pages you (to translate) for today?

  • Reach,is,take,shake,hang,go,play,see,are jumping, are running,have heard,wrote,heard,opened,found,though,lost, is,came,doesn’t like,finished,began,is listening,translates,have be, hadn’t seen,were…doing,have…been translating

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