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пожалуйста с тестом The news..broadcast every daya is being b is c has been d was At this every moment she.intervieweda is being b is

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Помогите пожалуйста с тестом)))
1. The news..broadcast every day
a) is being b) is  c) has been d) was
2. At this every moment she…interviewed

a) is being b) is  c) has been d) was
3. The water..boiled, you can drink it
 a) is being b) is  c) has been d) was
4. Their first child … born before they  moved to St.Peterburg
 a) had been  b) is  c) has been d) was
5. The construction was ..last month
a) finishing   b) being finished   c) been finished   d) finished
6. The new President …elected next year
a) is   b) will be   c) has been   d) is being 
7. I was waiting in the other office while the letter were…
a)typed   b) being typed  c) typing  d) been typed
8. By the time you come back your work will
a) be forgotten  b) have forgotten  c) have been forgotten  d) forgot  

  • а  так тест называется или тема скажи 

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