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Напишите мне сочинение на тему «My dream house» Правило: Интернетом не пользоваться. Только свое. Заранее спасибо^_^

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Напишите мне сочинение на тему «My dream house» 
Правило: Интернетом не пользоваться.Только свое.
Заранее спасибо^_^

  • The house of my dreams is to be comfortable well-designed two-storey cottage . Of course, not such Olsha . It should be located in a quiet clean place or street . In front of the house I want, that were green lawn and flowers . And also a big shaggy dog should live in his box in our yard . There should be a large kitchen, pantry , dining room , cozy living room with fireplace and large windows on the ground floor.There should be a bedroom with its own en-suite bathrooms on the first floor , and someone ` office upstairs. And my room should be in the attic. There also needs to be a balcony.I also want to have a modern new furniture. But the important thing is that I do not want to do is pay a lot of money for a house and furniture for many years before I can call this home their own .There must be a lot of trees , a pond or fountain . This is necessary if my house is well protected and with a beautiful fence.

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