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пожалуйста :Нужно составить текст по английскому языкуо своем районе и своем любимом соседепомоги пожалуйста

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Помогите пожалуйста 🙂

Нужно составить текст по английскому языку)

о своем районе) и своем любимом соседе

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  • My favorite neighbor’s name is Pasha, he was taller than me, he’s smart, I do not know how to use a slingshot and he taught. He quickly typing on the keyboard, and he only 10 years old. He’s only a year older than me. I would like him to go to the «Puss in Boots.» He’s always something good. I have never met such people. He is from Kemerovo, we agreed to meet at the next neighborhood. A common interests we are: we can sit at the computer. We have our own rule. After 45 minutes, a 15 minute break. And when we go to bed, then chatted to 3 nights. Basically everything about computer games.

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