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Сочинение на тему мой любимый вид спорта только не футбол и бокс пажалуйста

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сочинение на тему мой любимый вид спорта только не футбол и бокс помогите пажалуйста

  • In the world there are many kinds of sports, and they all differ from each other. With sports should be friends . After all, the movement — that’s life. If you want to be healthy , you have to be friends with sports. Sports can be practiced professionally and just for himself, man can choose according to their own discretion, any sport .
    My favorite sport — it’s figure skating. I love the sport since childhood. I love to dance, which is probably why I like it . Figure skating — it’s a very difficult sport . People are learning the sport for fifteen years, then just go on a big rink . Figure skating requires a large time commitment , the time of the person. A person has to do it every day for several hours. This sport requires consuming and expensive to do sports have to hire a coach for a certain amount of money. Pursuing this sport , risking their health. There are cases when a person remains disabled for life .
    Of Russian figure skaters I like most about Irina Slutskaya . For me it is the most worthy of Russian figure skater . She is very persistent , smart, brave woman . After all, not everyone can get to the sport and to achieve such success as she is, even more so after these words coaches that could easily offend and humiliate . Seeing her coach told her that she could not figure skating that this sport is not for her at all . In spite of everything , it was a decent skater Russia .
    At the Olympics , Irina Slutskaya won the bronze medal. I watched all of her performances. I really, really liked it. Its subtlety of movement , grace the arms, legs very well have been visible. She did a very complex movements without any errors. She’s just a good sport ! More such people in our country , as Irina Slutskaya .

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