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Твір на тему я підліток

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твір на тему я підліток.

  • I am a teenager 
    And what it means being a teenager. I am no adult, and i am no child anymore. I am something in between. I am still not allowed to do many things, though i am obliged to do a lot. You ought to do this, you ought to do that.. that’s what I always hear from my parents.. And I understand that my childhood is not finished yet, and i don’t want to spend my time doing some boring stuff. Because when I grow up, thing will get even more boring. The only moment of my real life is now. And I have never tried alcohol, have never tried smoking, have never been with a girl. But on second thoughts… maybe those things are not primary and are just the matters of time. This is my time and i must enjoy it as it is. And when I grow up, i’ll be mature enough to decide for myself, what i am living for. 
    But now I am still a pathetic pimply teenager… and for God’s sake, I LOVE IT! 

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