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Сочинение о животных

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сочинение о животных

  • One great swamp, there lived a family of frogs. Frog — mother, frog — daddy and daughter frog Mashka.

    Close lived envious Mouse. This Mouse is very jealous of frogs: them in the house under the leaf, Yes with a pool, and it mink in a muddy ditch. But the most unpleasant was the fact that in the swamp frogs kept a great big head cheese.

    — Well, why frogs cheese? Themselves do not eat and others are not allowed!- so thought the Mouse, sitting on that beach at night and looking at the cheese (you can see it was only at night). And once he had a plan.

    In the morning, when Masha came running to walk into the swamp, she saw sitting there Bat with the infamous lowered into the water tail.

    — Set, water мутишь?

    — Yes there is nowhere for me to go, Masha. My hole was covered with a huge stone. Let me talk to you live,- he screamed Mouse. Of course, it was not true.

    Frog regret Bat and allowed to live with them. They invited him to its delicacies: dried mosquitoes and gnats, and he refuses.

    — And do you have any cheese?- asked Mouse, squinting at the swamp.

    «No, dear guest, we don’t eat cheese.

    And lay down the Mouse to bed hungry. He pretended to fall asleep, and late at night crept over to the Bank and plunged into the water, cheese mine. Sailed Mouse bad, and immediately began to sink, clap a little feet on the water. Rose waves, and head cheese took, and раскрошилась. However, our hero was not until the cheese.

    — Help, drowning!!! Help! Frog, help!

    Frog, of course, immediately woke up and rushed to the shore. The frogs have had a tradition to save a drowning all together. But this family was a small problem — frog Masha was afraid depth. Mom and dad jumped into the water and swam, and the daughter remained near the shore.

    — Go to the us!- called her parents — rescue! Faster! cried the Mouse, but Masha still hung back.

    And suddenly she felt like someone pushed her in the back. Mary lifted her head and saw an enormous Heron Haik. She opened her beak to eat a frog. Filled with fear, Mary pushed off the Айкиного beak and SWAM!

    IKE was a great woman of fashion, today she slipped her most beautiful dress, and she didn’t want him wet. Therefore, the depth of the уплывающей Masha she went and flew home, clean feathers.

    Pulled frogs wet Mouse on the shore, and he was upset and said:

    — How do you hide the cheese? I just look at him like he раскрошился, and take’t.

    Laughed frog-daddy and shows the sky:

    — Yes we have no cheese, look, he’s up there, and in the water reflection!

    And all that night was in a good mood: frogs were happy that Masha learned to swim, and the Mouse began to build new plans, as cheese from the sky get

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