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Сочинение про редких животных, Как можно больше предложений и информы

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Сочинение про редких животных,Как можно больше предложений и информы.

  • Javan loris — view Mokronosov primate family lorievyh . Found only in the central and western part of the island of Java , an endangered species , population presumably decreased by 50% in a generation as a result of predatory hunting and sale as pets and destruction of natural habitats . Javan loris — a small primate . Length of body fat lorises usually ranges from 24 to 38 cm, weight rarely exceeds two kilograms . Although Javanese Laurie larger than the Sumatran slow loris and especially Kalimantan lori, the average weight of their bodies , according to the Research Group nocturnal primates , University of Oxford , is from 565 to 687 grams. Based on a small sample , made ​​in 2007 , gave the following average body size of Javan loris body length — 25.1 cm, tail length — 2 cm length of the skull — 5.9 cm width of the skull — 4.4 cm length humerus — 6.7 cm , length of the radius — 7.1 cm , length of the femur — 8.3 cm ; bolshbertsovoy bone — 8.6 cm; intermembralny index (the ratio of the lengths of the front and hind limbs) — 82.1 , with a maximum sweep fingers — 5.9 feet — 7 cmThe most striking feature of the Javanese loris is a face mask , which is a broad black stripes running from the eyes and ears to the crown of the head , framing a white diamond-shaped patch on the forehead. On the back of the neck cream-colored fur , along the spine and goes wide black stripe. Unlike Sumatra and the Malay lori, lori in Javanese only one pair of upper incisors , which brings him to the Kalimantan Laurie .Life expectancy Javanese Laurie — 20 to 24 years old. The birth rate in the population is low, usually after a long gestation period, the female gives birth to one calf , the breaks between the appearance of the offspring long enough . Javan lorises do not build nests in the hollows , and sleep in a wreath of branches, curled up in a ball .

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