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Упр. 166. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в Present Continuousили в Present Simple. It to take me forty minutes toget to school. Hello, Pet

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Упр. 166. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в Present Continuous
или в Present Simple.

1. It (to take) me forty minutes to
get to school. 2. Hello, Pete, where you (to go)? — I (to hurry) to school. 3.
When your lessons (to begin) on Mon­day? — They (to begin) at nine o’clock. 4.
Where your sister (to be)? — She (to do) her homework in the next room. 5. It
usually (to take) me an hour to do my written exercises. 6. Where Boris (to be)?
I (to look) for him. — — He (to have) dinner. 7. In the evening I often (to
go) to see my friends. 8. On Sunday we sometimes (to go) to the cinema or to a
disco club. 9. Andrew (to get) up very early as he (to live) far from school,
He (to be) never late. 10. It (to be) six o’clock in the evening now. Victor
(to do) his homework. His sister (to read) a book. His mother and grandmother
(to talk). 11. I (to write) a letter to my grandmother
who (to live) in Novgorod. I (to write) to her very often.

  • 1)takes
    2) where are you going — …. am hurrying
    3) When do your lessons begin — … begin
    4) Where is your siser? — .., is doing…
    5) takes
    6) Where is Boris? I am looking for him — He is having dinner
    7) go
    8) go
    9) gets… lives…is
    10) is…is doing… is reading… are talking
    11)am writing… lives… write
  • 1. It takes me forty… 2. where are you going? I’m hurrying… 3. When  do your lessons begin on Monday?  — They begin at… 4. WHere is your sister? — She is doing her… 5. It usually takes me…6. Where is Boris? Im looking for him. — He is having dinner. 7. I often go to see… 8. go to the cinema… 9. gets up very… as lives far from… He is never late… 10. It’s six… Victor is doing his… sister is reading a…grandmother are talking. 11. I’m writing a letter… who lives in…I write to her very often

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