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Write your own sentences: Maths / easy / History for me His backpack / light / mine3. Their camping stove / cheap / ours My torch / good / your

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Write your own sentences:
1. Maths / easy / History for me 
2. His backpack / light / mine
3. Their camping stove / cheap / ours
4. My torch / good / yours
Model: Moscow / big / Kursk 
a) Moscow is begger than Kursk
b) Kursk is not as big as Moscow

  • 1.he is the strongest boy in our class2.that cake is the worst3.my book was more interesting than his book4.he was the most handsome man in the family5.his flat was bigger than his friend’sвам просто надо выучить часовые формы1.maths is easier than history for me2.his backpack is lighter than mine3.their camping stove is cheaper than ours4.my torch is better than yours

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