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Есть тут профи английского? Нужно просто проверить английский текст на ошибки! У нас училка такая злюка, помогите! I very much would like to make an elect

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Есть тут профи английского?Нужно просто проверить английский текст на ошибки!У нас училка такая злюка,помогите!I very much would like to make an elective course on astronomy. It seems to me that astronomy very interesting subject. I would go on it with pleasure and is sure that some schoolmates too liked this course. Why astronomy? Because this subject at our school isn’t present absolutely. 
But it would be very desirable that on astronomy we studied only something interesting about our Universe that for this course didn’t put an assessment. This course has to be for development that wasn’t one million formulas with integrals, with unclear conclusions about any bodies… Only the intersny facts and filosovsky reasonings. 
Even small knowledge of this subject will help the person to learn something new and interesting, to develop his intellectuals, it will be able to take conversation on the Universe.

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