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вставить артикли a, an, the, no article где многоточия там должны стоять артикли1 He is a tall and .strongman with short dark heir and a strai

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Помогите вставить артикли (a,an,the,no article) где многоточия там должны стоять артикли

1) He is a tall and …strongman with short dark heir and a straight nose.

2) He likes to spend his spare time at… home with his family.

3)This woman is… beautiful.

4) She wants to become … actress

5) When we meet in … evening there is no end of talking about our life.

6) I like to have … shower in the morning.

7)He’ll go to … bed at eleven.


Поставить степени сравнения

1)This is … theatre in Moscow

A an older B the oldest C the eldest D the most old

2) Is Lomonosov … Than Pavlov?

A  famouser B the most famous C famoust D more famous

3) That was … man I have ever met.

A worse B the worst C worsed D the most bad

4) If you arrive … you will miss the train.

A later B more late C the later D the most late

5) Do you know English … Russian?

A better B as Good as C as well as D worse

6) You can jump as high…

A as I B as me C as I can D than me

7) This lunch was … as it was yesterday.

A not tasty B not so tasty C not so deliciously D more tasty than.


  • 1no article,b
    no article,d
    no article,b
    7no article,d

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