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Дуже прошу певеведіть на англіський! Дуууже буду вдячна!

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Дуже прошу певеведіть на англіський!!! Дуууууууууууууууже буду вдячна!!!!!

  • Dear Mr. Roger
    I am writing to apply for the job of primary school teachers in your school. I would be interested in teaching mathematics.
    I’d really like to work with you because your school meets the level of training , you are good and decent fellow students . I would like to learn more about wages and hours of instruction in students.
    I am hardworking and loyal person who knows what it is to a certain goal. I always argue it through , as I qualified in their profession and perfectly know math. I can get along with any people always find approach to every child.
    I would be a good teacher because my teacher’s experience. Not long ago I was working in another school that’s already 7 years. I also took the practice in your school and I have written a good recommendation. I passed the math for admission to higher education at a high level. I have a master’s degree . I also have a certificate in first aid .
    Sincerely , Julia joker

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