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пожалуста составить текст о Лондоне с переводом. десять предложений пожалуста помогите!

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помогите пожалуста составить текст о Лондоне с переводом. десять предложений пожалуста помогите!

  •  wish I were in London now. If I were there I would organize an excursion and would give you a good idea about this wonderful city.As we know, London is the capital of Great Britain and one of the largest industrial and cultural centers in Europe.I suppose you will share the opinion that in this historic city modern rules shoulders with the old, the present arises from the past, the great and the small live side by side in mutual tolerance and respect and in every part of its noisy and complex life there is to be found a great affection for old traditions and history.I don’t know if you have had a possibility to visit this exciting city but I insist that you should do it. And I will give a piece of advice how to plan your tour of the city.The best starting point for all the excursions is well known Trafalgar square with Nelson’s Column in the center. The square was named to commemorate the victory of British vice-admiral Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and the Column is surmounted with his statue. I have managed to see this monument and it has made a great impression on me.Then I recommend you to see the Houses of Parliament on the north bank of the river Thames. It also has another name – the Palace of Westminster — as in the past here lived kings and queens.This ensemble is a remarkable example of Gothic architecture: the buildings seem to be directed high into the air and of course are worth seeing. And here you will find the famous Clock Tower, called “Big Ben”.The next stop is Westminster Abbey. It is a big church and a national shrine, a place, where English kings and queens are crowned and famous people are buried. It’s well known for its’ Poets’ Corner with memorials to English poets and writers who were buried here.Everybody has heard about Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It is the largest Protestant Church in England and a remarkable architectural masterpiece. It contains the unique Whispering Gallery where you can hear the whisper of the person, standing at the other end of the gallery.

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