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Помогите!put verbs into the correct formmushroomsto gatherat the end of august. the old car oftento repairwhy the doctor to send forerery daythe meat

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put verbs into the correct form
mushrooms(to gather)at the end of august.
the old car often(to repair)
why the doctor (to send for)erery day
the meat salad (to make) half an hour ago
rose(not to grow)in the garden last year
the classroom (to air)tomorrow
wher this letter (to type) by the secretary?
Very beautiful flowers( to grow) in the garden every year
You(to ask) every lesson
The soup (to eat)yesterday afternoon
Butter (not to make)from cheese
The telegram (to receive)in to hour
This work (not to finish)tomorrow
How many exercises (to do) at the next lesson

  • The soup was eaten yesterday afternoon
    You are asked every lesson
    Mushrooms are gathered at the end of August.
    The old car is often repaired.
    Why is the doctor sent for every day?
    The meat salad was made an hour ago.
    Butter is not  made from cheese
    Roses didn’t grow in the garden last year.
    The classroom will be aired tomorrow. 
    When was this letter typed by the secretary?
     Very beautiful flowers  grow in the garden every year

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