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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple. One of her freinds has got a car, so he to pick them up and then he to drive them home. Af

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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple.
1. One of her freinds has got a car, so he (to pick) them up and then he (to drive) them home. 2. After swimming they often (to go) out for a pizza.
3. On Saturday evenings she sometimes (to go) out with friends to a party or maybe to a concert.
4. Sometimes she (to invite) friends to her house and they (to ilsten) to music and (to talk).
5. Mr and Mrs Connor often (to take) them for a comping weekend to the seaside or to the mountains.
6. From time to time she (to talk) for very long because it (to be) expensive.
7. She usually (to call) on Sundays because it (to be) cheaper then.
8. What time Andrea usualy (to get) up?
9. When she (to catch) the bus?
10. She (to take) a shower in the morning?
11. She (to go) home for lunch?
12. When she (to go) swimming?
13. How she (to get) to the pool? 14. What she (to do) on Saturday evenings?

  • 1. …picks…drives…
    2. …go…
    3. …goes…
    4. …invites…
    5. …take…do…
    6. …talks…does…
    7. …calls…does…
    8. What time does Andrea usualy gets up?
    9. What time does she catches the bus?
    10. Does she takes…
    11. Does she goes…
    12.When does she goes swimming?

    Present Simple — описує дію, яка повторюється. Допоміжне дієслово (to be) перетворюється на do при (I, you, we, they) та на does при (she, he, it). Якщо у реченні does відсутнє, то до значущого дієслова додається закінчення (-s або -es). Якщо у реченні do відсутнє, то значуще дієслово не змінюється. При питанні do(does) кладеться після питального слова, якщо питальне слово відсутнє, то допоміжне дієслово тобто do(does) кладемо на перше місце. Заперечення : do not (don’t), does not (doesn’t).

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