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Текст про про New York 10-15 предложений

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текст про про New York 10-15 предложений 

  • New York is one
    of the largest cities in the world and the biggest seaport. It’s
    the financial capital of the country. It’s the business centre
    of the United States. The city is situated in New York State, at
    the mouth of the Hudson river. It’s population is over eight
    million. In early times the New York area was populated by
    Indians. It is here in Wall Street many business offices, banks
    and world famous New York stock exchange are situated.

    New York is an
    industrial and cultural centre of the country. The most
    important branches of industry are those producing vehicles,
    glass, chemicals. New York is also a great cultural centre. It
    has many museums, art galleries, theatres. There are two
    world-famous streets in New York — Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

    Broadway is the
    centre of the theatres and night life. Fifth Avenue is the great
    shopping, hotel and club avenue.
    The Empire State Building is at Fifth Avenue. It’s a
    102-storeyed building, was built in 1931. The Metropolitan
    Museum of Art is at Fifth Avenue. It includes hundreds of world
    famous masterpieces and attracts many visitors.

    The Statue of
    Liberty is the symbol of American democracy. It stands on
    Liberty Island in New York port. Liberty carries the torch of
    freedom in her right hand. In her left hand she is holding a
    tablet with the inscription «July 4,1776» — American
    Independence Day.

    Today New York
    City is informally called «The Big Apple». The origin of this
    name is unknown, but it is popular all over the world.

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