Решение домашних заданий

It was eight o’clock in the morning and time for me to go to work. I to look out of the window. It to rain hard. «You to get wet through if you to go

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It was eight o’clock in the morning and time for me to go to work. I (to look) out of the window. It (to rain) hard. «You (to get) wet through if you (to go) out now,» said my mother. «No, I…,» I answered, «I (to take) an umbrella.» We (to have) five umbrellas in the house, but when I (to want) to take one, I (to find) that there (to be) not one that I could use: they all (to be) torn or broken. So I (to take) them all and (to carry) them to the umbrella-maker, saying that I would call for the umbrellas on my way home in the evening. When I (to go) to have lunch in the afternoon, it still (to rain) very hard. I (to go) to the nearest cafe, and (to sit) down at a table. A few minutes later a young woman (to come) in and (to sit) down at the same table with me. When I (to finish) my lunch and (to be) ready to leave, I absent-mindedly (to take) her umbrella and (to start) for the exit. She (to stop) me saying that I (to take) her umbrella. I (to return) the umbrella with many apologies. In the evening I (to go) to the umbrella-maker, (to take) my five umbrellas and (to get) on the tram to go home. It so happened that the woman I (to meet) at the cafe (to ride) in the same tram. When she (to see) me with my five umbrellas, she (to say): «You (to have) a successful day today, (to have not) you?»

  • Was looking,was raining,will get,are going out,am taking,heve,am wanting,find,wasnt,was,

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