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Помогите, Поставьте предложения в Past Simple or Past Continuous David to come in _________ when the children to write_________ a dictat

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Помогите, пожалуйста! Поставьте предложения в Past Simple or Past Continuous

1. David (to come in )_________ when the children (to write)_________ a dictation.

2. Mike (to phone)__________ me, when I (to have)___________ breakfast.

3. Mary (to speak)___________ to me when her little brother (to throw)___________ her bag out of the window.

4. We (to meet)___________them when we (to stand)_________ at the bus stop.

5. She (to buy)_________ a present for her Granny when I (to see)_________ her.

6. When his parents (to have)_________ dinner Tom (to arrive)_________.

7. He (to sleep)__________ when his mother (to come)________ back.

8. A few days later while he (to have)_________ tea, the postman (to bring)__________ him a letter from his friend.

9. When the teacher (to come)___________ into the classroom, the children (to sit)____________ at their desks.

10. One day while she (to read)____________ a book, a big black fly (to sit down)____________ on her book.

  • 1. Came in, were writing
    2. Phoned, was having
    3. Was speaking, threw
    4. Met, were standing
    5. Was buying, saw
    6. Were having, arrived
    7. Was sleeping, came
    8. Wad having, brought
    9. Came, were sitting
    10. Was reading, sat down

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