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Task l Choose the right variant from a, b, c or d. Have you ever visited other countries? — Yes, I. to Italy and France. a was c had been, b have

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Task l 
Choose the right variant from a), b), c) or d). 
1. Have you ever visited other countries? — Yes, I… to Italy and France. 
a) was c) had been, 
b) have been d) would be 

2. I feel really tired. We … to the party last night and have just returned home. 
a) went c) had seen 
b) has gone d) was going 

3.When the bus stopped in the small square, Helen … her magazine and didn’t 
realize at first that she had arrived at her destination… 
a) read c) was reading 
b) reads d) had read 

4. My sister’s son … in tomorrow’s race, because he is too young. They do not allow 
riders under sixteen. 
a) won’t ride c) wouldn’t ride 
b) shan’t ride d) doesn’t ride 

5. A beautiful bridge ….. in our city. It will be finished next year; 
a) builds c) is being built 
b) is built d) has been built 

6. Television has many advantages. It keeps us informed about the latest news, and 
also … entertainment at home. 
a) provide c) is provided 
b) provides d) provided 

7. On the other hand television … for the violent behaviour of some young people, 
and for encouraging children to sit indoors, instead of doing sports. 
a) blames c) is blamed 
b) blamed d) would blame 

8. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that 1 … walk to work. 
a) has to c) had. to 
b) have to d) could 

9. Every time when I missed the bus, I …. to return home late. 
a) must c) can 
b) had d) may 

10.That was great! It was…meal you have ever cooked. 
a) good c) best 
b) better d) the best 

11. This exhibition is …. interesting than the previous one. 
a) little c) least 
b) less d) the least 

12. My cat catches a lot of…. 
a) mouse c) the mice 
b) mice c) a mouse 

13. Everybody agrees that… happiness is very important in the life of people. 
a) — c) a 
b) the d) many 

14. When they arrived … the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train. 
a) to c)in 
b) at d) for 
15. When you…older, you’ll change your mind about this. 
a) will grow c) have grown 
b) grow d) grew 

16…. is at home and no one knows where they are. 
a) Anybody c) Everybody 
b) Somebody d) Nobody 

17. Martin said that he …. the tickets the next day. 
a) bought c) will buy 
b) had bought d) would buy 

18. Whose house is it? — It’s ….. . 
a) my c) her 
b) mine d) our 

19. «Come home … Christmas Day, we’ll be waiting for you», my mother always says 
to me. 
a)in c) 
b) on d) at 

20. Everybody in our team played … except the captain. 
a) bad c) worst 
b) badly d) the worst 

21. The comic told silly jokes, but nobody laughed … him. 
a) on c) at 
b) under d)about 

22. Tom has had to give … playing football since he broke his leg. 
a) in c) at 
b) on d) up 

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Task l Choose the right variant from a, b, c or d. Have you ever visited other countries? — Yes, I. to Italy and France. a was c had been, b have: один комментарий
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