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My favourite day-сочинение

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my favourite day-сочинение


  • I think, that everybody has their favorite day. Some think, its their 5th birthday, some think, its the day, they married their love, but my favorite day is quite special, so I want to tell you about it. 
    I love playing basketball and I have my own team. Our name is «The Sharks». So once our coach told us, that we’re gonna have a game against the other school. It was the school, nobody liked. They were always better than us in everything. Especially in sports. So, when we started the game, they were all laughing at us, but they didn’t know, how much we have trained. The first goal was done by them, but then we  started overtaking them. So it was 2:2, 4:4, 6:6 and it was going like that till we had only a half minute and the score was 46:48. And it was their advantage. They were really good, as always. But at the last second i scored a three-pointer, and I was so happy! I saved the team, and the school! I was so proud of myself! That’s my favourite day!

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