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Сочинение по английскому на тему Почему дружба

11 июля 2016 / Школа комментария 2

Сочинение по английскому на тему Почему дружба так важна для нас.!Помогите люди


Сочинение по английскому на тему Почему дружба: 2 комментариев
  1. KasmadeI
    11 июля 2016 в 15:14 – Ответить

    What is friendship? Everyone understands it differently. For me it is above all confidence in the person with whom I am friends that he would support me in difficult times, to understand and listen.And if you want to give advice, which I need.
    There are people who believe that their friendship should be put on the show, I do not think so. No matter who it refers to your friendship, he believes about you, because now there are many examples where people are friendly with each other not so much because they want to have support, you can rely on, but due to some other reasons. For example, a high social status, good position in the company, it looks good, dresses, people are drawn to it, so everybody wants to be his friends, is pathetic and wrong.
    I believe that a person may be the one and only true friend, friendship, which is time-tested. This one, in which you really need it, and without which it simply can not. I have a friend, and I’m glad that I was lucky to meet him back in junior high.
    Friendship — is an incredible feeling when two people hold hands and boldly go through life with a smile. Friendship is a lot to write, but one thing remains unchanged, the friendship is two hearts.

  2. patroshka
    11 июля 2016 в 15:14 – Ответить

    Friendship is people’s communication. Friendship is a really interesting element of our life. I am sure, you cant live without any communication, connection with people. If you wouldnt speak with people you wouldnt ba able to exist.

    Its very important in the other way as well. Your friends can help you when you are in a bad mood. Ectually, thats how it works: You help people, people help you. People get impondereble joy of making friends.

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