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Test 30. Past Perfect Simple or Continuous?

27 сентября 2016 / Школа / Комментарии: 0

Test 30. Past Perfect Simple or Continuous? Choose the correct verb form.

1. I knew the facts of the case because I had (read/been reading) the report.

2. My eyes ached because I had (read/been reading) for three hours.

3. The children were dirty. They had (played/been playing) in the garden, and they were covered in mud.

4. I was very nervous at the beginning of the match. I had never (played/been playing) before.

5. Donald was very angry. He had (worked/been working) in the kitchen all morning, and no one had offered to help him.

6. The roads were wet because it had (rained/been raining) all night.

7. He was broke. He had (spent/been spending) all his money.

8. His hands were covered in oil because he had (tried/ been trying) to fix the car all morning. Unfortunately, he had not (managed/been managing) to make it start.

9. I got to the meeting very late and everyone was waiting for me to start; the chairman told me they had (waited/ been waiting) for a whole hour.

10. When I arrived at the party, Mary had already (left/ been leaving).

11. We were good friends. We had (known/been knowing) each other for a long time.

12. They had (climbed/been climbing) for five hours before they reached the top of the mountain.

13. I had (felt/been feeling) sleepy all day so I went to bed early.

14. Ken gave up smoking two years ago. He had (smoked/ been smoking) for 30 years.

15. Ann had just (got/been getting) home when I phoned.

16. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We had (travelled/been travelling) for more than 24 hours.

17. I was sad when I sold my car. I had (had/been having) it for a very long time.

18. Mary was sitting on the ground. She was out of breath. She had (run/been running).

19. In the evening I was very tired because I had (cleaned/ been cleaning) my house since morning.

20. The house was dirty. They had not (cleaned/been cleaning) it for weeks.

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