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Answer your friend’s questions. Do you like travelling by air?- How often do you travel by plane?-3.What do you think is the flying time from Moscow

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Answer your friend’s questions.
1.Do you like travelling by air?

2.How often do you travel by plane?

3.What do you think is the flying time from Moscow to London?

4.At what Moscow airport do planes from London land?

5.How long does it usually take us to get to the airport from the centre of the town?

6.What are the duties of a stewardess?

7.Are meals served on board the plane?

8.When are passengers requested to fasten their seat belts?

9.What do passengers talk about on the plane?

10.What is the first thing you do before starting on a trip?

11.Is there any bus service between the airport and the center of the city?

12.Do you get air-sick when on a plane?

13.Is it easy or difficult to go through customs?

14.What does the customs officer usually say to those who have just arrived in the country?

  • Yes i like to travel by air. I travel by plane twice a year. It takes four hours to get to Moscow from london. The planes from London land in russian sheremetyevo. It usually takes few hours to get to the center of the town. the duties of stewardesses are to give  the passengers food, drink, and to check the readiness for the flight. the meals is usual served on the plane. The passengers are requested to wear their seatbealts at the start of the flight. The passengers discuss different topics during the flight. The first thing I do is to learn a lot about the place im going to visit. No, there are not. I dont have air-sick illness. It is always easy for me to get through the customs. welcome to our country!

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