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Добрый вечер! пожалуйста с домашним заданием:Portfolio: Write a short paragraph about yourself 40-50 words. Include:-how much money you get — w

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Добрый вечер! Помогите пожалуйста с домашним заданием:

Portfolio: Write a short paragraph about yourself (40-50 words).

-how much money you get 
-where you get your money from 
-what you spend your money on 
-whether you are good with money

Заранее благодарен. С меня «Спасибо» =)

  • I get nearly 200-400 rubles a week as pocket money from my parents. When I go for a walk with my friends I can buy (and always do it)  different drinks, chocolate
    bars, nuts or seeds. Sometimes I buy educational magazines and some other things I need. Of course, I save some money  for the future.

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