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I had a cup of tea for breakfast because I . of coffee. had run outran outwas running outhad been running out Sam says he didn’t enjoy the pr

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1. I had a cup of tea for breakfast because I ….. of coffee. 
had run out
ran out
was running out
had been running out

2. Sam says he didn’t enjoy the program because the TV set ….. properly. 
didn’t work
hadn’t worked
wasn’t working
hadn’t been working

3. A man once built a house and ….. his friends to visit him. 
had invited
was inviting
had been inviting

4. The Browns ….. in a large house when their children were at home, but they moved to a small three-room apartment after the children grew up and left home. 
had lived
used to live
were living

5. While the kids ….. in the garden, their mother was hurriedly cooking dinner. 
were playing
had been playing
had played

6. I saw Paul at the airport. He ….. for his brother’s plane to arrive from Canada. 
had been waiting
was waiting
had waited

7. Yesterday I came up to a stranger who looked like Jane Faster and started talking to her. But she wasn’t Jane. It was clear I ….. a mistake. 
was making
had made
had been making

8. Suddenly they heard a strange noise and ….. at each other in horror. 
were looking
had looked
had been looking

9. Margaret didn’t wear her shoes; she was barefoot. She ….. on a piece of broken glass and cut her foot. 
had stepped
was stepping
had been stepping

10. He ….. ill for three days, so his mother wanted to bring him to a doctor, but he didn’t want to go. 
had felt
had been feeling
was feeling

11. Mrs. Robson died in her sleep. Her doctor told me she ….. from a weak heart for some time. 
was suffering
had been suffering
had suffered

12. Alan ….. out almost every day last year, but now he can’t afford it. 
used to eat
was eating
had eaten

13. A strong wind ….. and I decided to put on a warm coat. 
had blown
was blowing
had been blowing

14. The two boys came into the house. One had a black eye and the other a cut lip. They ….. . 
had been fighting
had fought
were fighting

15. While I ….. a burglar climbed into the room through the window. 
had been sleeping
was sleeping
had slept

  • 1. had run out
    2. didn’t work
    3. invited
    4. used to live
    5. were playing 
    6. was waiting
    7. had made
    8. looked
    9. stepped
    10.had felt
    11. had been suffering
    12. used to eat
    13. was blowing
    14. had been fighting
    15. was sleeping

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