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Люди будьте добрыми! Помогайте другим! Очень надо! написать сочинение на тему: «Health is better than wealth»!

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Люди будьте добрыми!!! Помогайте другим!!! Очень надо!!!!!Срочно!!!!!!!!!!!!! Помогите написать  сочинение на тему: «Health is better than wealth»! 

  • «Health is better than wealth
    Health is always better than wealth,
    because when we are healthy and well, our family we are happy and we are
    rich morally, and we can achieve something. Wealth is only money, money
    and more money, you’re happy just because you can afford. Did you ever
    thought about the family? The family is the wealth, family, money can’t
    buy, it is happiness! Soon wealth fail and you will be left alone and
    not healthy because ate and ate! And the family will support you and
    help when you’re sick. Conclusion: health is better than wealth!

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