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мне у меня завтра английский. Пожалуйста хотя бы 1 упражнение.148упр,149упр

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Помогите мне плиз у меня завтра английский .Пожалуйста срочно!!!хотя бы 1 упражнение.)148упр,149упр.

  • 1. It is the most wonderful song I have ever heard.
    2. He is the happiest child I have ever met.
    3. It is the most interesting book I have ever read.
    4. It is the most beautiful house he has ever built.
    5. It is the worst party we have ever had.
    6. It is the best bike he has ever bought.
    7. It is the tastiest cake I have ever made.
    8. It is the most difficult word I have ever learnt.
    9. It is the the best hospital I have ever seen.
    10. It is the oldest town she has ever visited.
    1. Have washed
    2. Has left
    3. Left
    4. Saw
    5. The most difficult / done
    6. Best / seen
    7. Did not sleep
    8. To cook , а потом cook
    9. A / have never stayed / —
    10. Think / the best / have ever met

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