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Моя улюблена співачка

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моя улюблена співачка

  • Круто)))я рада))))!!!!
  •                                                 Britney Spears

    I like to listen to music very much. Every time I have an opportunity I
    listen to it. I like dancing music with good melody.  My favorite singer
    is Britney Spears.  She is not only a good singer but she is also a
    good actress. In each of her songs she is different and each time she
    has different images.

    Britney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981 and spent her
    childhood in Kentwood, Louisiana. From her early years she was a very
    active and talented girl. She attended gymnastic classes, sang in her
    local Baptist church choir and performed in dance revues.
    Britney’s first single was released in 1998. It was called “Baby one
    more time”. It became very popular and Britney was called the pop
    princess.  In 1999 she was in the list of the 50 most beautiful people
    in the world.
    Spears worked a lot. She recorded new songs with the help of famous
    signers such as Madonna, Justin Timberlake and others. She acted in a
    movies “Crossroads”, »How I met your mother» and in some others.
    She  got several awards for her acting.  She writes music and sets
    dances, she gets awards and makes world tours. Mass media pays a great
    attention to her personality and especially to her personal life.

    In 2004 she got married and gave a birth to two boys. In 2007 she got
    a divorce.  She was in a bad depression at that time. But she found
    strength to continue her carrier on the stage. She keeps working and
    showing us her talent. She released 7 albums. And all of them were hits.
    I like many songs by Britney. But my favourite song of is “Circus”. I
    like video to this song too and I think that Britney played her role
    both as a singer and an actress perfectly there.

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