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Можете помочь с описанием картины Левитана «Март» на английском?

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Можете помочь с описанием картины Левитана «Март» на английском?

  • In «Marthe’s» I.I.Levitan’s picture the early spring, March is represented. We see a house corner, a horse harnessed in sledge, trees, snowdrifts and the dirty, traveled all over road. All would seem the most usual, but the soul is overflowed by pleasure and freshness.

    This picture is full of movement: horse who, probably shifts from one foot to the other, trees are a little shaken from an easy breeze. Also in a picture there are a lot of sounds. The poskripyvaniye of floor boards under feet of the person in the house is felt. The melted snow from a roof and when the horse slightly shifts from one foot to the other drips, the easy pokhrustyvaniye is heard. It is possible to feel a wood smell, to be exact needles, I began to smell villages, horses and fresh air.

    In this picture there is a motive of expectation. The horse as though waits for the person. The nesting box waits for the owners, starlings. Everything expects arrival of spring and heat. Also it seems when the spring will come, everything will start moving.

    In «Marthe’s» I.I.Levitan’s picture I feel presence of the person. Carelessly opened door, carelessly removed sun blind of the first floor and the left horse harnessed in sledge speaks about it. The footpath conducting in the wood, and the trampled, dirty road also speaks about presence of the person also.

    In a picture there is a lot of white color which transfers snow, but in some places it is slightly more dark, and somewhere absolutely gray that it thaws. Green color represented trees. Branches of birches the yellowy-brown. Somewhere it is more dark, and somewhere is lighter. The azure sky without a uniform cloud. Almost violet color represented shadows.

    In this picture, though it not autumn, huge amount of yellow paints. So the artist reports a sunlight. The sun it isn’t visible, but everything is penetrated by its beams.

    Snow in the picture «March» bluish, places yellow, and in a shadow blue and even the violet. Snow is trampled, on it there are a lot of traces. It is covered with a crust, a crust. Snow in a picture porous, I would tell even the porous. In a picture there are a lot of trees. It is visible that on kidney trees only started bulking up. Branches of birches are similar to a web, because they almost transparent. Transparency of branches gives to a picture lightness, even carelessness.

    In the right part of a picture the part of the house is represented. It has a yellowish shade from the sun. On a roof of a porch the small group of snow as though bitten by the sun lies.

    The road traveled all over, with pools and thawed snow. It dirty also is sanded or straw. The road turns for a snowdrift.

    The horse costs at the porch. This simple, rural horse who has got used to work. She expects the owner who either unharnesses it, or will go on it somewhere as it is harnessed in sledge.

    This fine picture can be seen in Moscow in the State Tretyakov gallery. When I look at «Marthe’s» I.I.Levitan’s picture, I feel that the winter comes to an end, and there will come spring soon. Looking at this picture, I want in the wood, on giving. I want that there came summer when warmly and heats the sun rather.

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