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Must, mustn’ t nedn’ t We haven’ t got much time. We . herry. We’ ve got plenty of time. We . herry.3.We have enough food at home so we . go s

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must, mustn’ t  nedn’ t
1.We haven’ t got much time.We … herry. 
2.We’ ve got plenty of time.We … herry.
3.We have enough food at home so we … go shoping today.
4.Jim gave me a letter to post. I … remember to post it.
5.Jim gave me a letter to post. I … forget to post it.
6.There’s plenty of time for you to make u your mind.You … decide now.  
7.You … wash those tomatoes.They’ ve already been washed.
8.This is valuable book.You … look after it carefully and you … lose it  
9. what sort of house do you want buy?Something big?- well, it … be big — that’s not important.Buy it … have a nice garden — that’s essential.

  • 1.must
    9.needn’t/ must

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