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Написать на английском языке про Россию

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написать на английском языке про Россию

  • I’d like to write some interesting facts about Russia — my motherland, the place where I was born, live, have my family, relatives and friends. I should mention, I’m very proud to be a citizen of such a great country, one of the most beautiful and powerful ones in the world.As you may know, Russia is the largest country in the world and I always feel proud thinking I’m one of its 200 million people. So many people can call themselves Russians either they live in its European or Asian part. It doesn’t matter where you were born, in which part of its total area, covering over 17 million square kilometers, what nationality you are. If you were born or live in Russia, it’s always in your soul. My aunt was born in Cherepovets, Vologda region, lived there for 2 years and moved to Ukraine then. She entered Moscow University, studied and lived in Orel for 5 years, visited a village in Kursk region every summer when she was a child. Even she lives and works in Ukraine for long, was several times abroad, she always feels a Russian, nevertheless where she is, and people always can notice she’s Russian.I think it’s something in our mentality what is called to be a Russian-to have sympathy and mercy to people in need and difficult situations, try to help as much and often as possible, survive any trouble staying brave and courageous, living on in any life situation. Russian people are warmhearted, sincere, kind, generous, they know how to be a true, faithful friend. Before there was a great country, the former USSR. People from its 15 former republics live now in Russia. They speak their own languages, have their own culture, customs and traditions, but they also know and honour Russian ones.I live in a small town of my vast motherland which is like many other small Russian towns. There is nothing special in it, everything like in any other town-buildings, shops, schools, trees and flowers. But it’s my little motherland and everything here is dear to my heart. I like a lot to visit the main cities of Russia with my class or family, especially Moscow and St Petersburg which have always been the 2 capitals of Russia and which are a must to see for numerous visitors of our country.I like to have a rest with my family and friends on the bank of a river or a lake, situated not far from my town, but most of all I enjoy visiting Sochi every summer where my granny lives. Most of all I like swimming in the Black sea, lying in the sun, walking along the beach and hiking in the mountains. As you know, in 2014 summer Olympic Games will be held in Sochi and it makes me feel even more proud of this respectful and great place.I like the proverbs “There is no place like home”, “ East or West, home is best” and the saying “ Home is where your heart is”. I’m totally agree with them and can add that it’s good to visit other countries and have a good rest there but as anther proverb says “ It’s good to be where you were born”. So I’m sure I’ll always stay in Russia, don’t know where exactly, but of course only here.I can say I’m a patriot of my country and love it very much. I’ve been studying at school , am going to continue the education at one of our great universities and find a good job after it to be a useful citizen of my motherland which will be proud of me too, I hope.

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