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написать сочинение на тему _= Мои будущие каникулы =_ хотя бы на русском, 15 предложений

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Помогите написать сочинение на тему _= Мои будущие каникулы =_ (хотя бы на русском, 15 предложений)

  • My future holidays are going to be really cool! I’ve already got a plan for them, so… First, I will fly to America, to New York. Then I am going to take the plane or the train to Washington. After that, I will take a plane to Brazil and spend there 2 weeks and look at their animals and plants. At the end of my adventure, I will fly to Canada. I am very interested, in, how they live there. It is my favourite country! I have always wanted to visit these countries! I am going to fly there with my friends! I am already saving money for the trip. Maybe I will also visit Australia next time! 
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