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Напишите о летних каникулах кратко по английскипожалуста прошу на 2 строки

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напишите о летних каникулах кратко по английски
пожалуста помогите прошу на 2 строки

  • I went on
    my holiday to  Italy with my friend.We
    went by boat  and car.We were there for
    three weeks and we stayed in youth hostels.We had a very good time.
  • In summer schoolchildren do not go to school. They have summer holidays
    which are three months long. Children don’t have to get up
    early. There is no homework to do or lessons to learn. That’s
    why they like holidays. I never stay in bed long in a bright summer
    morning. Sometimes my friends and I go to the cinema or to a concert.
    Sometimes we play football or badminton in the yard. Every summer I go
    to the country to stay with my grandmother for a week or two. I help
    Granny to work in the kitchen garden or to look after chickens and
    ducks. In the village I often go for long bike rides with my cousins.
    Sometimes we go fishing. I like to go to the beach in the morning when
    it is not too hot. I swim, sunbathe and play with my friends on the bank
    of the river. If my uncle is not very busy he takes my cousins and me
    on a hike in the forest. I like sleeping in a tent, sitting by the fire
    and singing songs. Summer holidays are never too long for me

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