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Novocherkassklies at the confluence ofthe Tuzlov and the Aksayrivers. The original 16th-century town ofStarocherkasskaya st

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lies at the confluence of
the Tuzlov and the Aksay
rivers. The original 16th-
century town of
Starocherkasskaya stood
along the Don River, but
it was frequently flooded
and was moved to the
present site
Novocherkassk long
served as the capital of
the Don Cossack region
and was a center of
opposition in 1917-20
during the Russian Civil War.
Novocherkassk is
a unique town owing to
its history and
architecture. It was built
as the capital of the
Cossacks in 1805 by the
General Platov, the
famous Ataman Matvei
Platov who led his
Cossack regiments
against Napoleon. Novocherkassk was designer by The
French architect Devolan
designed Novocherkassk.
Don Cossacks called it
«Small Paris» for its
layout, wide streets and
Novocherkassk is
famous for its
monuments; almost each
old building has its own
features. There is a
magnificent Cathedral in
the center of the town. It
is the third in Russia in
size and beauty. Next to
the cathedral there is a
monument to Yermak,
the gallant conqueror of
Siberia. The monument
to the famous General
Platov has been recently
restored. There were
numerous churches in
the past, but a lot of
them were destroyed
after the October
Revolution. Nowadays
some of them have been
rebuilt. In
Novocherkassk there are
several museums, among
them the Grekov
Museum, the Krylov
Museum and the most
well-known the Museum
of the Don Cossacks
In the second
part of the twentieth century
Novocherkassk became
an industrial town.
plants and industrial
enterprises were built
here , among them the only in
Russia electro-locomotive
plant, chemical and
machine-building plants
and many others. Modern Novocherkassk
produces electric
locomotives, mining
machinery, machine
tools, and chemicals for
plastics and synthetic
There is a
thermal power station
Novocherkassk is
a very green and nice
town; there are many
parks and gardens in it.
It is called the town of
students. The city has
numerous institutions of
higher education and
research. There is a
theatre and some
cinemas. Its population is about 200 000 people. In 1993 Novocherkassk became the capital of the Cossacks on the decision
of the Russian and
foreign Cossacks again.

1.Where does Novocherkassk lie?
2.Why was Starocherkasskaya moved from its original place?
3.What capital was Novocherkassk before the revolution?
4.When was Novocherkassk founded?
5.What do you know about Matvei Platov?
6.Who designer Novocherkassk?
7.What is Novocherkassk famous for?
8.What museums are there in Novocherkassk?
9.When did Novocherkassk become an industrial town?
10.Why is Novocherkassk called the town of students?
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  • Novocherkassk lies at the confluence of the Tuzlov and the Aksay rivers.
    Because it was frequently flooded.
    It was Cossacks.
    It was founded in 1805.
    Matvei Platov was the famous Ataman  who led his Cossack regiments
    against Napoleon, also he built Cossacks in 1805.
    The designer of Novocherkassk was the French architect Devolan.
    There are several museums, among them the Grekov Museum, the Krylov
    Museum and the most well-known the Museum of the Don Cossacks History.
    Novocherkassk became an industrial town in the second part of the twentieth century.
    It is called the town of students because the city has numerous institutions of
    higher education and research. 

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