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Нужно эссе по английскому на тему «music in my life» по плану:1 вступление2 Аргументы за3 Аргументы против4 Вывод200-250 слов

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Нужно эссе по английскому на тему «music in my life» по плану:
1 вступление
2 Аргументы за
3 Аргументы против
4 Вывод
200-250 слов

  • Music is very important in my life. I think that nobody can realize his life without it.

    Music has a lot of pluses. It helps us to feel better after difficult day at school, and we can relax with help of it. Also we are very happy, when we meet someone, who likes the same music we do. You can meet a lot of friends, when you visits a concerts of your best groups or singers, you can visit different festivals. Also it can help you to improve your knowledge. You can speak english better, if you listen to the english music 🙂

    But on the other hand music can spoil our life, in some way. We waste a lit of time to listen to the radios and to watch music channels, and we have no time to do our homework.

    So, music has and positive and negative influence for us.

    I like music, and i relax by listening to. But everybody has his own mind about it 🙂

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