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Нужно ли следить человеку за модой? сочинение на англиском языке 200 слов

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нужно ли следить человеку за модой? сочинение на англиском языке 200 слов



  • In today’s world, fashion plays a major role in human life. It can be spread not only on the behavior of certain clothes and the direction of designers, but also to all the other things — cars, tourism and even business . But , first of all , fashion should be a person needs so that he can understand it. It’s about how to follow the fashion and style in the world today , will tell trendy website Fashiones.ru.
    Follow the fashion in the modern world is much easier than some people imagine . In fact, only just seeing TV shows about fashion go read fashion magazines , you can safely go to shop for new clothes. If there are doubts about the veracity or relevance of the information presented on television or print media , you can find out about all the other fashion sposobom.Sama fashion comes through fashion shows from top designers and fashion designers. They are building today , tomorrow and even the day after a fashion . After all, fashion shows following seasons tend to occur in the current .
    In the fashion capitals such as London , Paris and New York, on the runways of fashion is not subject to anyone’s retelling of the pages of magazines. Visitors enjoy such events taking place in front of them by the spectacle itself is a little outlining the canons of modern fashion .
    Follow the fashion is quite easy, but to follow the style — much more difficult. In the world there are many areas of style that must be considered when determining the most appropriate . This is the job of the stylist or image-maker who must have sufficient knowledge of both current and future fashion , and all varieties of style.
    But any stylist should clearly understand the distinction between style and fashion . Also in his responsibilities included the combination in human clothes and fashion accessories are truly stylish things . After working with this stylist , a person becomes much more exactly what things he should obtain and wear , and what better to leave . The work is based on a study of the stylist and the client’s choice of him corresponding to his style of clothing. Also, the stylist can create their own individual style , but it will take much more time than the selection of suitable clothing .
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    Stylish People rarely actively follow fashion . Rather , fashion is taking into account of such advances and new and interesting solutions . But do not forget about fashion :Great stylish outfit can go well with any fashion accessory that can make it even more stylish holder .
    You can develop a sense of style , and the fashion can only watch or create it .
    But before you develop a sense of style, you need to understand why it is needed and what it will be used. If you want to create a certain style to just one person , you can explore his tastes , interests and behavior , and only then select the appropriate things to him . Thus, a particular style is not created , but emphasize its sobstvennyy.Moda changing, and style — remains .
    But between fashion and style is a huge difference . Fashion — a frequently changing and passing each other thing to keep an eye on you , you need to make a lot of desire and time .
    Style remains forever. It is impossible not to notice , as it is present in every human being. But it can be different. To develop a sense of style, you need to have at this time and the desire , but the results of his improvement will be more profound and lasting .
    Follow the fashion is ridiculous, and not to follow — is silly.
    Many people have their own ideas about how to follow the fashion . Someone is always in her rhythm, reads only the most fashionable and current magazines, go only to the most popular car and is interested only in the most discussed things. These people that make up the fashion , called its victims. And others look at fashion from the side, noticing her slightest whims and habits .
    It is important to find the fine line between fashion and style is to constantly keep it in your own wardrobe. In this case, all the outfits will consist of in its own distinct and podhodeschih things.

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