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Оne day in my life — твір. Напишіть будь-ласка буду дуже вдячна. Дякую

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Оne day in my life — твір. Напишіть будь-ласка) буду дуже вдячна. Дякую.

  • ну может быть, это совсем просто. например так.

    I’m Ksenia and I live in Kiev. I would like to tell you about my typical day. Usually I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning. I get ready for school — I take a shower, brush my teeth and have breakfast. Then I take my dog Rufus for a walk. After that I get dressed and go to schoold. Normally I have 6 lessons a day. Every day I have Math, Ukranian and English. English is my favourite subject, I really enjoy these lessons. After school I go home and have lunch. I also take Rufus for a little walk. Then I go to the gym. I am a sportsman, I play basketball. I have my trainings every school day. After that, I go home and have dinner with my parents. We discuss everything that happened during the day. Then I do my homework. It usually takes me 2 hours. Sometimes I watch TV or go on the Internet after that. At 10 p.m. I go to bed. Usually I read for about half an hour before I fall asleep.

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