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ОТ ЭТОГО ЗАВИСИТ МОЯ ЧЕТВЕРТНАЯ ОЦЕНКА! 37 БАЛЛОВ!1 Past Simple and Present PerfectVariant 2Choose the present perfect or

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 ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!ОТ ЭТОГО ЗАВИСИТ МОЯ ЧЕТВЕРТНАЯ ОЦЕНКА!!!! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!37 БАЛЛОВ!1 Past Simple and Present PerfectVariant 2Choose the present perfect or past simple :          1. I ___________________ (never / go) to Vienna.2. My great-great-grandfather ___________________ (have) five sisters.3. He ___________________ (live) in Manila for a year when he was a student.4. Oh no! I ___________________ (lose) my wallet!5. ___________________ (you / see) Julie today?6. At the weekend, they ___________________ (play) football, then they___________________ (go) to a restaurant.7. I ___________________ (read) six books this week.8. Amy ___________________ (live) in Portugal when she was young.9. She ___________________ (visit) her grandmother last month.10. The Vandals ___________________ (invade) Rome in the year 455.11. She ___________________ (live) in seven different countries, so she knows alot about different cultures.12. I ___________________ (go) to the cinema last night.13. Ow! I ___________________ (cut) my finger!14. ___________________ (you / see) ‘The King’s Speech’?15. John ___________________ (never / understand) the present perfect.16. She ___________________ (break) her leg the day before her exam.17. We ___________________ (see) Oliver yesterday.18. He ___________________ (be) here all morning.19. They ___________________ (live) here for many years (and they still do).20. King Henry the Eighth of England ___________________ (have) six wives.

  • 1. have never gone
    2. had
    3. lived
    4. have lost
    5. Did you see
    6. played, went
    7. have read
    8. lived
    9. visited
    10. have invaded
    11. lived
    12. went
    13. have cut
    14. have you seen
    15. have never understood
    16. broke
    17. saw
    18. was
    19. have lived
    20. had

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