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ответить на вопросы на английском, очень нужно: 1 Why is the world in danger now? 2 What environmental problems do people face? 3 What can pe

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Помогите ответить на вопросы( на английском), очень нужно: 1) Why is the world in danger now? 2) What environmental problems do people face? 3) What can people do to save out planet? 4) A you environmentaly friendly or not?  буквально пару предложений на каждый вопрос, пожалуйста…)

  • 1)The world is danger now,yes i agree with that because in our world,can be anything,for example:bad people who came to home and wanna money from a people,from my point of view it is so horrible!You must not walk with your friends after 23 hours.and something,
    2)One of the most difficult hurdles for enviromental compaings to overcome is the fact that many enviromental issues seem overly technical or abstract to the average person.This can pose a major obstacle to gathering public support.
    3)So,people must save our planet of course.They must be clever.the first.the second they must comunicate with other person well,have not any problems with them and something…
    4)Yes.I am.I like and love to help other people for anithing.

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