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ответить на вопросы по английски. What is your name? What are you?3. How old are you? Where were you born?5. Have you a

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Помогите ответить на вопросы по английски.


1.    What is your name?

2.    What are you?

3.    How old are you?

4.    Where were you born?

5.    Have you a family?

6.    Is your family large?

7.    What are your parents?

8.    Are you married?

9.    Are you single?

10.Where do you live?

11.What street do you live?

12.Is your flat large?

13.How many rooms do you have?

14.Is your flat comfortable?

15.Where do you study?

16.What institute do you study?

17.What is your speciality?

18.Is your institute state or non state?

19.What language do you learn?

20.When do you have your exams or credits?

21.How many subjects do you study?

22.What subjects do you study?

23.Is it interesting to study?

24.Where do you work?

25.When do you have you holidays?

26.Where do you spend your holidays?

27.What do you do at the weekends?

28.Do like to go to the cinema/ theatre/?

29.Do you like to watch TV/?

30.Are you fond of reading

31.Do you like poetry?

32.Do you read much?

33.Who are your favorite authors?

34.Do you like to read books/ detective stones?

35.Do you often go on a picnic?

36.Do you like to travel?

37.Do you go in for sports?

38.Do you work and study every day?

39.Do you like to listen to the radio?

40.What do you like to do on your holidays?

41.What do you do in the evening?

42.At what time do yon get up?

  • My name is …
    I am a pupil
    I am …
    I was born in …
    Yes I have
  • на эти вопоосы нужео отвечать от себя:)

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