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Ответы на вопросы, 1let’s talk about family. what love does it play in each person’s life?2ave there any things that you do with your parents

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ответы на вопросы ,СРОЧНО!!!
1)let’s talk about family.what love does it play in each person’s life?
2)ave there any things that you do with your parents together?
3)what will you ask a british teenager about his family?
4)what can you advise peoply who want to have a close and happy family?
5)nowadays an average family has one child.from your point of view how many children should there be in a family?

  • Family is of course play very important role in our life. Family gives love to you, you can believe to your family. And also family gives you education and teaches you good manners
    2) yes, we enjoy spend time together going to the cinema or doing shopping. We like to play different games together, like monopoly
    3) I’ll ask him about free time and family holidays
    4) they should give love, because only if you love them, you’ll get it back. You schouldn’t have secrets
    5) I think, that children gave us happiness. As for me 3 children is anought.

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