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Пересказ любой легенды о Робин Гуде на английском

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Пересказ любой легенды о Робин Гуде на английском

  • «What’s new?» asked them good.
    «That I knew you so far? 
    King arranged dispute shooters».
    «I’ll go and I PA dispute».

    «Funny, » said foresters, —
    A young boy suddenly
    Go shoot before the king,
    Take not knowing how to bow!»

    «Twenty brands
    Robin hood Answered, — ‘t argue with me,
    Within a hundred yards get
    The deer I arrows».

    «Alright, » said foresters, —
    And I bet you and I,
    That is one hundred yards does not get
    You in Pego the boom».

    And raised Robin honest onion
    With a wide boom
    Within a hundred yards laid
    Deer in the darkness of the forest.

    He broke his two ribs,
    And maybe three,
    The arrow pierced his chest through,
    And not stuck inside. 

    Deer jumped up, deer stood
    The deer fell into the bushes.
    «I won! » exclaimed the hood —
    Pay me a pound.

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