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Помогите, написать небольшое сочинение на тему «Мое домашнее животное». В сочинение должно входить: Описание животного Что любит живот

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Помогите, пожалуйста, написать небольшое сочинение на тему «Мое домашнее животное». В сочинение должно входить:
1. Описание животного
2. Что любит животное
3. И еще чего-нибудь)

Если не трудно, то про собачку и кошечку не надо, слишком банально. Можно про хомячка, рыбки, улитки и т.д….
И еще, мне нужно предложений 10, как минимум!

  • Most people like animals. They keep animals at home as pets. Pets may be different. People like dogs and cats, birds and hamsters, rabbits and hedgehogs, some people even like snakes.But you can’t keep any animals as a pet even if you like him very much. Can a crocodile make a good pet? Or a lion, or a tiger, or a bear? You may love them, but will they love you? Some day when they are big they may become dangerous.As for me, I prefer dogs. They are so clever and truthful. When they look at you with their beautiful eyes it seems to you that they understand you but can’t talk.People teach dogs to understand commands, to do some tricks. And it think dogs teach people to be kinder, to think of others. People change for better when they keep pets.Sure, pets need much care. You must keep the place where they sleep and eat tidy and clean, you must give them three meals a day. Dogs need more attention and care than cats. You must take then for walks at least two times a day.I have a dog as a pet. His name is Ret. I like him very much. I bought him. My dog is kind. He has a black nose, brown and black fur. My dog is pedigree. He likes to bathe. Ret enjoys Chappi and bones. I go for a walk with Ret. My father helps me to take care of the dog.I like Ret very much. Ret is a very big dog. He lives in the dog house. We like Ret.
  • Junggar hamster species of the genus of the family Horned hamsters Hamster . Popular home zhivotnoe.Rost to 15 cm , weight 45 grams. This kind of rodent has hairy feet , a dark band on the back ( usually gray ), very short tail (often virtually invisible when the animal sits ) . Fur has considerable white inclusions .Distributed by dry steppes and semi-deserts of southern West Siberia , East Kazakhstan, in Khakassia.Long time hamster Campbell was considered a subspecies of Djungarian hamster . Recently, however, confirmed species validity Kempbella.Dzhungarskie hamster hamsters breed well , their broods more than the Syrian hamster , but to live in a better home, little animals one by one , as cohabitation may cause them embarrassment and aggression. Usually in the litter at Dzungarian hamsters from 1 to 11 pups.Domesticated Jungar hamsters are often different from the wild color . All Dzungarian hamsters there is a narrow dark stripe on the back. There are kinds of colors : standard ( brownish-gray, white belly ) , sapphire ( gray- bluish, white belly ) , pearl ( white matt gray- spaced ) , mandarin ( orange and cream ) .Hamsters have a seasonal adaptation : in the winter , they molt , and their fur is almost completely white (gray blotches disappear , it remains only a strip on the back) . Molting depends on the light conditions of the day : the short duration of the day hamster changes color for 6 weeks. This process is due to generation of melatonin (a hormone of the pineal gland). Lifespan Home Zhungar hamster — 1-2 years , although with proper care can live a little longer .

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