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Помогите! по английскому 5 предложений в превосходной степени

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Помогите!!!  по английскому 5 предложений в
 превосходной степени

  • 1. This house is the biggest house in our town.
    2. This classroom is the largest classroom in my school. (large) 
    3. This book is the worst  book in this library. 
    4. Peter is the shortest  boy in her class.
    5. Ann is the laziest girl in their class. 
    6. This film is the best 
    7. February is the shortest  month of the year. 
    8. Russia is the largest  country in the world. 
    9. This is  the most beautiful picture in my collection.  
    10. He is  the best  driver I have ever seen.
    11. This is  the most  difficult test. 
    12. This is the most  interesting film I have ever seen.

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