Решение домашних заданий

Поставить вопросы ксловам в скобках. Образец: Children willski in winter. — What will the the children do in winter? He will

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Поставить вопросы к
словам в скобках.

 Образец:  Children will (
ski) in winter. ———

               What will the the children do in winter?

(He) will write a letter next month/

Hobbit will go (to india) next year.

They ll (clean) the room in an hour.

Buratino will wash his face and hands ( well)/

5. We will play tennis ( tomorrow). 


  • 1. Who  will write a letter next month?

    2. Where will Hobbit  go next year?

    3. What will they do in the room in an hour?

    4. How will Buratino  wash his face and hands?

    5. When  will we play tennis? 

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