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Пожалуйста написать сочинение по теме город Ульяновск

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Пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение по теме город Ульяновск.

  • My favorite place in the city — the center , namely the area near the University. In summer there is going to a lot of people. Who rides a bike , who walks with her dog , who is cutting the air on the rollers , someone on a skateboard , and someone just walks . Behind the square there is an embankment of the Volga River . I’d like to look at the river , on the ship and the boats that go through it , to the bridge, thousands of lights glowing at night . Right off the square you can go down the path to the water. And if you cross the road and walk a little more, you will come to the central beach .
         In the square there is a unique fountain. The jets of water rise to the beat of the music , and at night illuminated with colorful lights . On this area there are several monuments — VI Lenin , NM Karamzin , Bogdan Hitrovo — founder of the city . Nearby is the Hotel » Crown » — one of the tallest buildings of the city , near the hotel — restaurant «Potter» , there always comes the pleasant music . Near the hotel there are fountains and bridge lovers. All newlyweds have a tradition : the wedding day to hang on this bridge, lock and throw the key into the fountain in the sign that love will be strong and nothing can separate the lovers . For the hotel » crown » is the central street — Goncharov. Walking through it, you can see a lot of old buildings that were built many years ago. All of this saves the historic character of the city.
         If you go down the street Goncharova to the end, and you can see the obelisk monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War. Here is eternal light , love to meet couples in love , and married lay flowers . Great view of the Volga revealed here , so this is one of the favorite places for photo shoots .
         There Ulyanovsk and other river — Sviyaga . An interesting fact is that it runs parallel to the Volga, but in the opposite direction. Sviyagi located on the banks of the region’s largest shopping center » AquaMall » and the right of the fountain of the river . On Sviyaga common to see athletes who train in rowing and cross-country skiing in winter .
         These are the neighborhood of my hometown . Rather it is only a small part. I love my city and it never ceases to amaze me . I like to walk through its streets and every time view of the surroundings from different angles.
  • Our city small, but very beautiful. There are a lot of sights, parks, and also interesting and even mysterious places. My most favourite place in the city is the center, namely the area near university. In the summer here a lot of people gather. Who rides a bike who walks with a doggie who cuts air on rollers, someone on a board, and someone simply walks. Behind the area there is Volga River Embankment. I very much like to look at this river, on a vessel and motor ships which on it go, on the bridge which is shining on night with thousand sparks. Directly from the area it is possible to go down on a footpath to water. And if cross the road and to pass a little more, you will get on the central beach.

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