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Прочитай текст и выбери правильный вариант. Last winter was long and there _________ a lot of snow. a has beenb have beenc wered was I like snow

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Прочитай текст и выбери  правильный вариант.

1. Last winter was long and there  _________ a lot of snow.

a) has been

b) have been

c) were

d) was


2. I like snow. Montreal is very beautiful when there _________ a lot of snow.

A) is

b) was

c) are

d) were


3. On March 22nd a lot of snow _________. It was very impressive.

A) fall

b) falls

c) falling

d) fell


4. There was so much snow I _________ find my car.

A) couldn’t

b) can’t

c) won’t

d) weren’t able to


5. The kids, of course, loved that day. They _________ go to school.

A) mustn’t

b) didn’t have to

c) don’t have to

d) haven’t had to


6. I enjoyed that day too. I _________ my car where it was and used public transport.

A) leave

b) let

c) have left

d) left


7. When I _________ to class, I found that most of my students were absent.

A) reached

b) got

c) was

d) were

  • 1)с,2)c,3)d,4)a,5)b,6)d,7)a.

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